Selected Works of Abraham Cowley

Cowley Engraving Poetical Blossoms  (1636)

Complete 3rd Edition - Google Books
  *To the Reader
  *The Vote (excerpt)
  *Thisbe's Song
  *Constantia's Song

The Mistress; or, Several Copies of Love Verses  (1647)

Complete - Google Books
    *The Request
    *The Thraldom
    *The Given Love
    *The Spring
    *Written in Juice of Lemon
    *Not Fair
    *Platonick Love
    *The Change
    *Against Hope
    *Against Fruition
    *Resolved to Be Beloved
    *Bathing in the River
    *The Concealment
    *The Despair
    *The Given Heart
    *The Welcome
    *The Usurpation
    *The Innocent Ill
    *The Heart Breaking
    *The Parting
    *The Thief
    *The Wish

Naufragium Ioculare (1638)
*Complete - The Philological Museum

Poems  (1656)

*Preface (excerpts)
*Complete - Google Books
    *Ode. Of Wit
    *The Motto
    *On the Death of Mr. William Hervey
    *On the Death of Mr. Crashaw
    *On the Death of Sir Henry Wootton
    *An Answer to a Copy of Verses Sent Me to Jersey
    *The Chronicle, A Ballad
    *Reason, the Use of it in Divine Matters
    *To the Lord Falkland
    *To Sir William Davenant
    *The Tree of Knowledge

*Complete - Google Books
*Complete - Bob Blair
    *The Epicure

*Complete - Google Books
    *[I sing the man who Judah's sceptre bore] - from Bk 1
    *[Awake, awake, my lyre] - from Bk 3

Pindaric Odes
*Complete - Google Books
    *The First Nemeæan Ode of Pindar
    *The Resurrection

Verses Written on Several Occasions   (1663)
*Complete - Google Books
    *Hymn : to light
    *To The Royal Society (excerpt) - UToronto

Works (1668)
*Complete - Project Gutenberg

*Complete - UVA
*De Plantis Libri VI - Philological Museum

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Carmina: Cowley's Latin Poems - The Philological Museum
Essay: Of Agriculture, 1650 - Modern History Sourcebook
*"Cheer Up, My Mates" - Classic Reprint
*"Drinking" and "Cheer up, My Mates" in Russian translation

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