Abraham Cowley: Additional Resources
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*Biography - The Columbia Encyclopedia
*Sprat's An Account of the Life and Writings of Mr. Abraham Cowley (1668) - UToronto
Aubrey's Life of Cowley - She-Philosopher.com

Abraham Cowley at age 13
Frontispiece of Poetical Blossomes - British Library
*The Abraham Cowley Text and Image Archive - Dan Kinney, UVA
*Portraits of Abraham Cowley - Dan Kinney, UVA
*Cowley Portraits at The National Portrait Gallery, London
*Cowley's House in Chertsey - UVA
*Cowley's grave in Westminster Abbey - Kieran Smith

The Cambridge History of English and American Literature
in 18 Volumes (1907-21).

Volume 7. Cavalier and Puritan: Writers of the Couplet - A. Hamilton Thompson

Jacobean and Caroline Criticism. D'Avenant and Cowley - J. E. Spingarn
Cowley's Essays - A. A. Tilley
Contemporary Poets and Scientific Research: Cowley, Donne, Butler - A. E. Shipley
Educational Projects after the Restoration: Cowley's Proposition - J. W. Adamson
“The Battle of the Couplets”: Waller and Cowley - George Saintsbury
The "Pindaric" of Cowley and his Followers - George Saintsbury

*SAC LitWeb Cowley Page - Roger Blackwell Bailey, Ph.D.

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