Works of Thomas Carew

POEMS, 1640
The Spring.   [Now that the winter's gone]
To A. L. Persuasions to Love.   [Think not, 'cause men flattering say]
Lips and Eyes.   [In Celia's face a question did arise]
A Divine Mistress.   [In Nature's pieces still I see]
Song. A Beautiful Mistress.   [If when the sun at noon displays]
A Cruel Mistress.   [We read of kings and gods]
Song. Murdering Beauty.   [I'll gaze no more on her bewitching face]
My Mistress Commanding Me to Return Her Letters.   [So grieves th' adventurous merchant]
Secrecy Protested.   [Fear not, dear love]
A Prayer to the Wind.   [Go, thou gentle whispering wing]
Song. Mediocrity in love rejected.   [Give me more love or more disdain]
Song. Good Counsel to a Young Maid.   [Gaze not on thy beauty's pride]
To my Mistress sitting by a River's side. An Eddy.   [Mark, how yond eddy]
Song. Conquest by Flight.   [Ladies, fly from love's smooth tale]
Song. To my Inconstant Mistress.   [When thou, poor excommunicate]
Song. Persuasions to Enjoy.   [If the quick spirits in your eye]
A Deposition from Love.   [I was foretold your rebel sex]
Ingrateful Beauty Threatened.   [Know, Celia, since thou art so proud]
Disdain Returned.   [He that loves a rosy cheek]
A Looking-Glass.   [That flatt'ring glass, whose smooth face wears]
An Elegy on the La: Pen: Sent to my Mistress out of France
To My Mistress in Absence.   [Though I must live here]
To Her in Absence. A Ship.   [Toss'd in a troubled sea of griefs]
Song. Eternity of Love Protested.   [How ill doth he deserve a lover's name]
Celia bleeding, to the Surgeon
To Saxham
Upon a Ribbon
Song. To my Mistress, I burning in Love
Song. The willing Prisoner to his Mistress
Song. Celia Singing. [I]
Song. Celia Singing. [II]
Truce in Love Intreated
Boldness in Love
Red and White Roses
A Rapture
Epitaph on the Lady Mary Villiers
Another.   [The purest soul that e'er was sent]
Another.   [This little vault, this narrow room]
Maria Wentworth

To Ben Jonson
An Elegy upon the Death of Dr. Donne, Dean of Paul's
To a Lady, that desired I would Love her
To My Worthy Friend Master George Sandys
The Complement
A Song.   [Ask me no more where Jove bestows]
The Carver. To his Mistress
The Protestation : A Sonnet
The Tooth-ache cured by a Kiss
Upon a Mole in Celia's bosom
A Fancy

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