Thomas Carew


HE that loves a rosy cheek,
     Or a coral lip admires,
Or from star-like eyes doth seek
     Fuel to maintain his fires ;
As old Time makes these decay,
So his flames must waste away.

But a smooth and steadfast mind,
     Gentle thoughts and calm desires,
Hearts with equal love combined,
     Kindle never-dying fires.
Where these are not, I despise
Lovely cheeks, or lips, or eyes.

No tears, Celia, now shall win
     My resolved heart to return ;
I have search'd thy soul within,
     And find nought but pride and scorn :
I have learn'd thy arts, and now
Can disdain as much as thou.
     Some power in my revenge convey
     That love to her I cast away.

Vincent, Arthur, ed. The Poems of Thomas Carew.
London: George Routledge & Sons, Ltd., nd. 24.

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