Thomas Carew



LADIES, fly from love's smooth tale,
Oaths steep'd in tears do oft prevail ; 
Grief is infectious, and the air
Inflamed with sighs will blast the fair.
Then stop your ears, when lovers cry,       5
Lest yourselves weep, when no soft eye
Shall with a sorrowing tear repay
That pity which you cast away.

   Young men, fly, when beauty darts
Amorous glances at your hearts :             10
The fix'd mark gives the shooter aim,
And ladies' looks have power to maim ;
Now 'twixt their lips, now in their eyes,
Wrapt in a smile or kiss, love lies :
Then fly betimes, for only they                 15
Conquer love that run away.

Vincent, Arthur, ed. The Poems of Thomas Carew.
London: George Routledge & Sons, Ltd., nd. 19.

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