The Works of Richard Lovelace

The world will have forgotten all the great masterpieces
of literature when it forgets Lovelace's three verses to
Lucasta on his going to the wars.  More durable than
marble or bronze are the words, “I could not love thee,
deare, so much, loved I not honor more.”

Thomas Bailey Aldrich

To Lucasta, Going Beyond the Seas
Song. To Lucasta, Going to the Wars
A Paradox
Song. To Amarantha, That she would dishevel her hair
To Chloe, Courting her for his Friend
Sonnet. [Depose your finger of that ring]
Ode. To Lucasta. The Rose.
Gratiana Dancing and Singing
The Scrutiny
Princess Löysa drawing
An Elegie. Princesse Katherine.
Love Conquer'd. A Song.
A Loose Saraband
A forsaken Lady to her false Servant that is disdained by his new Mistris
Orpheus to Beasts. Song.
Orpheus to Woods. Song.
The Grasshopper. To My Noble Friend, Mr. Charles Cotton. Ode.
Dialogue. Lucasta, Alexis.
To Ellinda, That lately I have not written
Sonnet. [When I by thy fair shape did swear]
Lucasta Weeping. Song.
The Vintage to the Dungeon. A Song.
On The Death Of Mrs. Elizabeth Filmer. An Elegiacall Epitaph.
To Lucasta. From Prison. An Epode.
Lucasta's Fan
Lucasta, taking the waters at Tunbridge. Ode.
To Lucasta. Ode Lyrick.
To My Worthy Friend Mr. Peter Lilly
Elinda's Glove. Sonnet.
To Fletcher reviv'd
The Lady A. L. My Asylum In A Great Extremity
A Prologue To The Scholars
The Epilogue
Clitophon And Lucippe Translated. To The Ladies.
To My Truely Valiant, Learned Friend
Amyntor's Grove, his Chloris, Arigo, and Gratiana. An Elogie.
Against the Love of Great Ones
Lucasta paying her Obsequies to the Chast memory of my dearest Cosin Mrs. Bowes Barne
To Althea. From Prison
Being treated to Ellinda
Sonnet. To Generall Goring, after the Pacification at Berwicke
Sir Thomas Wortley's Sonnet Answered
Lucasta's World. Epode
La Bella Bona Roba
The Fair Beggar
To Ellinda, Upon His Late Recovery.
An Elegy. On the Death of Mrs. Cassandra Cotton

Lucasta: Posthume Poems  (1659)
A Black Patch On Lucasta's Face
The Snail
A Loose Saraband
Love Made in the First Age. To Chloris
A Mock-Song
A Fly Caught in a Cobweb
Lucasta's Fan, With a Looking-Glass in It
Elinda's Glove
Lucasta Laughing

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