The Works of John Fletcher

John Fletcher was a prolific playwright, who not only wrote his own plays, but also had a hand in numerous plays written in collaboration with other authors. Sometimes, it is nearly impossible to tell who wrote what, and various plays are ascribed at various times to Fletcher alone, Fletcher with Beaumont, Massinger, Shakespeare and so on. I have endeavoured to classify the plays according to current research consensus — if new information surfaces, I will gladly adjust the listings accordingly.

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The Complete Plays of John Fletcher

Sole Authorship

Collaborations with Francis Beaumont

Collaborations with Shakespeare

    Henry VIII   (1613)
    Complete - Michael Best
    Complete - MIT

    The Two Noble Kinsmen   (1613)
    Complete - Drew Whitehead

Collaborations with Massinger

Other Collaborations

    The Honest Man's Fortune   (1613; pub.1647 folio) - with Massinger and Field
    Complete - Google Books

    Wit at Several Weapons   (1613; pub.1647 folio) - with Middleton and Rowley
    Complete - Google Books

    The Knight of Malta   (1616-18; pub.1647 folio) - with Massinger and Field
    Complete - Google Books

    Queen of Corinth   (1616-17; pub. 1647 folio) - with Massinger and Field
    Complete - Google Books
    Complete - Paul Ellison
    [Weep no more]

    The Bloody Brother; or, Rollo, Duke of Normandy   (?1617-30; pub.1639) - with Massinger, Jonson, and Chapman
    Complete - Google Books
    *[The drinking song]
    *[Take, oh, take those lips away]

    The Nice Valour; or, the Passionate Madman   (?1616-30; pub. 1647 fol) - with Middleton
    Complete - Google Books
    Complete - Chris Leary
    *[Hence, all you vain delights]

    The Maid in the Mill   (1623; pub. 1647 fol) - with William Rowley
    Complete - Google Books

    The Fair Maid of the Inn   (1626; pub. 1647 fol) - with Massinger, Ford, and Webster
    Complete - Google Books

    The Night-Walker; or, the Little Thief   (pub. 1640) - Revised by Shirley
    Complete - Google Books

    Four Plays in One   (?1609�12) - with Nathan Field
    Complete - Google Books


*To The True Master In His Art, B. Jonson, On His Volpone
*To His Worthy Friend, Master Ben Jonson, On His Catiline

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