Thomas Hariot: Additional Sources

Biography - East Carolina University
Biography - John Shirley
Biography - St. Andrews University
The Life of Thomas Hariot - Rice University
Publish or Perish - Thomas Hariot - Joel Achenbach
Stevens' Thomas Hariot, the Mathematician, the Philosopher and the Scholar (1886) - Gutenberg

Historical Sunspot Drawing Resource Page - UCLA
Slideshow of "A Brief and True Report" - Newberry Library
Full color Title-page of the German edition - Saxon State Library, Dresden
View of the Indian village Secota - Saxon State Library, Dresden
The White - de Bry Map, 1590 - J. Mack
Images from "A Brief and True Report" - UNC
Title-page of A Briefe and True Report
Thomas Harriot's Moon Drawings - Galileo Project

Wild Plants from A Briefe and True Report - National Park Service
Latin text of Hariot's A Brief and True Report - Furness Shakespeare Library
Thomas Hariot Surfs the Web - E. Thomson Shields, Jr.
Notes on the Hariot Portrait
References for Thomas Harriot - St. Andrews University
Harriot's work on quadratic equations - St. Andrews University
Hariot's Manuscripts - St. Andrews University

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